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Lettered cotton towels

Towel size: 34cm*74cm
Packing: Bag

產品編號 TW4007 Category

The alphabet cotton towel experience just got a whole lot more exciting!
This towel is made of pure cotton, giving you the softest and most comfortable touch. The new cotton extraction technology is used to ensure hygiene and hygiene, so that every time you wash your face, you can enjoy the purest care.
With strict processing technology, we ensure that every detail of the towel is carefully processed to make the towel more neat and beautiful. The unique terry process makes the towel have excellent water absorption performance, and the face washing process is faster and more comfortable.
Pay attention to safe printing and dyeing, and adopt healthy dyeing process to ensure that the color is elegant and safer. It is not easy to lose hair and color, and it is healthy and harmless!
Whether it’s a fresh face wash in the morning or a soothing skincare in the evening, our colorful cotton towels will leave you feeling great.
In the market, the most popular towel customization includes advertising towels, ice towel customization and quick-drying towel customization. These towels play an important role in a variety of different activities as a promotional and gift.
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