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Lightweight, fitted multi-purpose crossbody chest bag

Material: Oxford cloth
Size : 140 x 310 x 30

產品編號 RB3066 Category


This multi-functional crossbody chest bag, water-repellent and wear-resistant oxford fabric fabric, comfortable feel, weight only 140g, fabric thickness of only 1mm, lightweight design, make the movement light and unrestrained, the zipper bite is neat, smooth opening and closing without jamming, multi-compartment structure: the front pocket can be filled with keys, change, etc., and the inner pocket can be used to place mobile phones, bills, etc.
A multi-functional waist bag that can be worn crossbody, shoulder, or waist
Unisex waist bag, multi-sport, multi-occasion, multi-color, multi-choice
Made of high-quality oxford cloth water-repellent fabric
Lightweight design, 0.14KG weight, as light as a cicada on the back, makes your movement more unrestrained