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Macaron-colored push-pull rubber

Material: PVC
Size: 8cm*1.8cm*2.5cm
Packing: opp bag

產品編號 ST4081 Category


Macaron color push-pull sassafras glue is a colorful, uniquely designed sassafras glue with a unique appearance and practical features.

Inspired by macaron colors, this sassafras glue has a beautifully designed and colorful look that is as appealing as a delicious macaron candy. Each sassafras glue usually comes in a variety of colors, making them a stylish accessory to your stationery box and a poppy addition to your desk.

In addition, this sassafras glue also has a push-pull design, which can adjust the length of the sassafras glue as needed, making it easier to erase the operation. The push-pull design also helps protect the eraser head from dust and dirt contaminating the eraser for a longer lifespan.

In addition to its sleek appearance and practical features, the macaron-colored push-pull sassafras glue also has an excellent erasing effect. It can effectively erase the marks of writing instruments such as pencils and fountain pens, and does not leave residues or scratches on the paper, ensuring clear and neat writing.