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Metal magnet phone adhesive bracket

Material : Metal
Size : 50.4×10.4×3
Packing: OPP bag/box

產品編號 EL3270 Category


If you want to add some more flexible use to your phone, this metal bracket is a good choice, ordinary bracket will make the phone fragile, or it itself does not have a long service life because of material problems, and this bracket is an all-steel design, with excellent durability, and the internal spring is also configured, so that the bracket has a semi-automatic opening function, users can support the phone on any horizontal surface, and close it when not in use.
& Details &
1. Metal material, smooth quality, small and thin, can be easily attached to your mobile phone;
2. Magnetic vanadium design, avoid fragile props, innovative opening and closing process;
3. 3M adhesive on the back, you can easily remove the stand from your phone, reposition it or change to a device without a problem;
4. Compatible with a variety of smartphones and tablets, as well as devices with the same type of back without texture.