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Mini 2024 Desk Calendar

Size: 100*75mm
Package: opp
Color: Black/White
Weight: 50g


The mini 2024 desk small calendar, this is an ideal promotional gift. Times Gifts offers a gift customization service, allowing you to customize this special desk calendar according to your needs and brand image.

This mini desk calendar is a small yet delicate gift that is perfect for placing on your desk, desk or home countertop. Combining the functions of a monthly calendar and a desk calendar, users can easily check dates and schedules, while also being used as an ornament to add a touch of vibrancy to the office or home environment.

In addition, Times Gifts also provides wall calendar design services to give your wall calendar a unique look and design. Our design team will create an attractive wall calendar design based on your requirements and brand image to make your gift more visually outstanding.

We offer a custom calendar customization service so that your brand or promotional message can appear on the calendar for each month. This custom design can increase your brand’s exposure and keep your message in the eyes of your customers.

Our Mini 2024 Desk Calendar is an ideal promotional gift that is not only practical, but also allows you to showcase your brand and messaging widely. Whether it’s a year-end gift, a business gift or a promotional gift, this desk calendar will meet your needs and bring surprise and practical value to your customers.