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Mini bottled water bottles

Material: PC + PP
Dimensions : 90 x 90 x 152
Packing: Carton

Color: Green, Pink, Orange, Black, Blue
Printing method: pad printing, heat transfer printing
產品編號 BT3144 Category

Creative bottled water shape, a bucket of water that can be carried away by one hand, one bucket a day, to replenish your body with moisture

Easy to take, the lid design is easy to carry and easy to take, thickened cup bottom, and an outer layer has been added to the bottom to strengthen the protection of the cup bottom, and the inside of the cup is not easy to be damaged.

Rounded and smooth cup mouth, using high-quality and high light transmittance PC material, the workmanship is rigorous and fine, and the cup mouth is round and smooth.

650mL is the right volume to get the water you need for the day!

The mini bottled water bottle is suitable for a variety of occasions, and can be used as a gift for competition activities to remind athletes to properly replenish water, as a company gift to send intimate care to the body of employees, and as a school celebration gift to encourage students’ sports performance.