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Mini cartoon portable speaker

Size: 50mm*30mm
Styling: piglet, kitten, puppy, bear, mouse, Santa Claus, pineapple, unicorn

產品編號 EL4004 Category

A cartoon animal that can sing, who can’t be impressed by it!

The small body is portable lanyard to accompany you at all times, the body is only 40g, and the hanging design is easy to carry and close to the music pet, so you can start beautiful music anytime and anywhere

3W full-range speaker burst out loud, HIFI high fidelity, cuteness and strength coexist3W full-range, 13-core dual-magnetic reinforced speaker releases more real and shocking sound

Bluetooth 5.0 chip transmission is stable and efficient, with stable signal reception ability, lower latency, strong anti-interference, lower power consumption, more stable connection, and more comfortable experience

Strong battery life Listen unobstructed, built-in 300 mAh lithium battery, can last for 4 hours: USB charging port, plug in the power bank can also be easily charged

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