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Mini low-power insulated all-in-one kettle

Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 75 x 193

產品編號 BT3113 Category
Mini portable and warm-hearted
Boil water quickly in 5 minutes, no need to wait
High-value two-color
A unique and minimalist design inspired by the artistic shape of a vase
Minimalist design Simple and sophisticated
Minimalist lines, abandoning complicated and heavy designs, originate from the simple lines of the vase, outlining the exquisite feel of a full hand
Small size, more portable
Strong sealing, no leakage, easy to store in luggage, self-cooking and self-drinking is healthier
Boil water for 5 minutes, and heat it immediately
300W power to quickly boil water, no need to wait for drinking water
Multi-layered insulated cup
The multi-layer insulation process is adopted, which is tightly insulated and anti-scald, so that you can hold it with peace of mind and avoid hot hands
The pot and cup are integrated and distinguished and private
1 cup = thermostatic cup + electric hot water cup + drinking cup, boil at any time and drink healthy hot water
Use at home
Constant 45°C milk powder, instant milk brewing without delay
Travel for business
Use your own kettle and drink safe water
Daily office, overtime study, afternoon tea and coffee brewing
Details that should not be underestimated
Intimate water level upper limit tips, avoid adding too much water, prevent accidents, and improve the quality of life a big step
Separate power supply, easy to use, easy to store, does not occupy space