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Multi-function 4-in-1 bottle opener charging cable

Material: Aluminum alloy
Size: 13cm
Packing: opp bag

產品編號 EL4124 Category


The multi-functional 4-in-1 bottle opener charging cable is an innovative product that combines the functions of a bottle opener and a charging cable, bringing more convenience and practicality to your daily life.

This product integrates four functions such as charging cable, USB port, Lightning port, Micro USB port and bottle opener, which meets your needs in different occasions. Whether it’s charging or opening a bottle, you can easily cope with it, simplifying your life.

The charging cable part is made of high-quality materials, with good durability and transmission performance, which can charge your devices quickly and stably, and also supports a variety of interfaces, suitable for various smart devices, to meet your diverse needs.

The design of the bottle opener is simple and practical, and it can easily open various bottle caps, such as beer bottles, soda bottles, etc., which is convenient and practical, so that you can enjoy the pleasure of convenience while enjoying the drink.

In addition, the multi-functional 4-in-1 bottle opener charging cable also has the characteristics of strong portability, small and lightweight, easy to carry and use, suitable for home, office, outdoor and other occasions, bringing more convenience to your life.