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Multi-function alarm clock mini portable bluetooth speaker

Material: Plastic
Size: 8.4cm*8.9cm*7.2cm
Effective distance: 15 meters
Packing: Carton

產品編號 EL4013 Category Tag

Smart alarm clock, mirror LED screen design, clear picture quality, more functions are all displayed, it is an alarm clock and a life assistant to learn and rest reasonable planning

The high-definition mirror display design can display the time or be used as a mirror, which is more practical and practical

Not only a Bluetooth speaker, but also a smart little housekeeper, connect to Bluetooth to automatically synchronize the time of the mobile phone, set the alarm clock and set the brightness with one click, and 300+ Internet radio stations are waiting for you to listen

Long-lasting battery life and large capacity on 1 charge, 2000mAh large-capacity battery, long-term battery life and good music listening non-stop

Not only the appearance is high, but also a walking work of art, which can be customized on the surface of the speaker to achieve the best publicity effect. Times Gifts also provides Bluetooth speaker customization services, allowing you to design the speaker as a unique promotional gift, corporate gift or corporate gift that fits your brand image.

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