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Multi-function notepad with wireless charging

Material: High quality PU
Size: 25.5cm*17.8cm
Packing: opp bag

產品編號 ST4084 Category


Multifunctional notepad with wireless charging is an innovative product that combines the functions of notepad and wireless charging, providing more convenience and practicality for your daily work and life.

This notepad is made of high-quality PU material, with exquisite design, comfortable feel, wear-resistant, waterproof and other characteristics, which can effectively protect the content of the notepad from damage.

There is a wireless charging panel on the cover part of the notepad, you only need to place the smart device that supports wireless charging on the cover, you can achieve convenient wireless charging function, no need to plug and unplug the charging cable, convenient and fast.

In addition, the multi-functional notepad with wireless charging also has a variety of practical functions, such as the internal design of the pen case, card slot, etc., which is convenient for you to store small items such as pens and business cards, which improves the practical value of the notepad. At the same time, it can also be used as a stylish, practical gift, suitable for business gifts or personal use.