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Multi-function one-in-three data transmission line

Material: Woven fabric
Size : 150
Packing: OPP bag

產品編號 EL3091 Category


One line is multi-purpose, able to charge Android, Apple, Type-c, one item and three uses
The length of the charging cable is short, and at the same time, the copper core is upgraded, the charging is faster than the general long cable, and the upgraded nylon cable is used, which is more flexible and durable
The buckle design allows the data cable to be hung in backpacks, keychains, etc., which can not only be decorated but also prevented from being lost
When charging, the LOGO can be illuminated, the length of the line is 15cm, and the overall shape is delicate and compact, which is equivalent to the length of a mobile phone, and can be carried around
Built-in intelligent chip, automatic matching current, trickle charging, safe, stable and fast charging