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Multi-tool flashlight

Material : Aluminum alloy
Size : Dia40 x 148
Packaging : Black box

: Black

Maximum ad size
: 30 x 14 (mm)

Printing method
: silk screen printing/laser

: safety hammer, tape cutter, knife, bottle opener, scissors, Phillips screwdriver, hex hole
Black plastic body with an aluminum alloy head
1 watt power illumination, open adjustable focus
The compact shape makes it easy to carry with the car
*Product does not contain batteries

產品編號 TA3007 Category


Multi-function safety hammer flashlight, super high beam/hidden outdoor blade

Hidden safety hammer: special reinforced steel, hidden design, safe and durable;

Safety hammer button: ergonomic design, easy to operate;

Multi-function combination knives: saber, screwdriver, bottle opener, see, Phillips screwdriver, hexagon screwdriver;

Seat belt cutter: in-cut seat belt cutter, which can easily cut the seat belt without hurting your hands;

Flashlight switch: Gently pick the button to open it easily;

Retractable zoom: 3 power light sources, zoom telescopic head, stretch to zoom;

Red warning circle: at night or when the light is dark, it can play a warning role;

Key features:

1. Equipped with 1 high-brightness LED lamp bead 5W brightness, the strong light is very bright

2. Retractable focusing

3. The cutter part is a metal shell and is not stiff steel.

4. Equipped with scissors, slotted screwdrivers, screwdrivers, beer can drivers, large and small nut wrenches, sharp knives.

5. Battery: No. 7 three (not included).

6.Function: strong light, low light, strobe, 3 gears

Sturdy and durable, integrated stainless steel design, precision polishing, the pursuit of more perfect products;

Increased time, recycling, mechanical production;

Applicable scenarios: outdoor adventure, camping, night fishing, mountaineering. Car;