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Multifunctional advertising pen with cap

Material : Metal
Size : 125 x 12
Packing: Paper sleeve + OPP bag


產品編號 ST3219 Category

Multi-color options, black, white, red, blue four colors to choose from, to meet your individual needs

The white metal pen barrel with the color pen sleeve is generous and classic, showing a dignified atmosphere

Selected metal nib, the pen is stable and powerful, the quality refill, the light pen body, not bulky, good elasticity, wear-resistant and practical, you can write the pen edge hard, which is more suitable for the molding of fonts

1.0mm black ink ballpoint pen, ink evenly inking, clear handwriting impermeable to the back of the paper, LED light on the top, bright and clear, convenient and practical;

With a cap, this unique business pen combines the characteristics of a multi-functional pen and an advertising pen, and is also a practical and creative gift choice. The multi-functional design of this light pen not only serves as a writing instrument, but also has a lighting function for convenience and practicality. Times Gifts can be personalized according to your needs, making it a very creative and practical promotional gift.

This multi-functional light pen with cap will bring significant results to the corporate image and brand promotion, and at the same time bring a practical experience to customers. As a practical and creative business gift, it shows care and respect for customers. We look forward to working with you to create a unique and attractive capped multi-purpose light pen gift.