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Note box set

Material : PS
Size : 150 x 60 x 8
Packaging : OPP

Set ruler/note/paper clip stationery box in one, note box set is your good helper in the office

Yellow square paper, selected from high-quality 80g rice Huangdaolin paper, uniform absorption of ink, easy to write, smooth and delicate feel like silk, people can’t put it down;

Both sides can be written smoothly, the color of the paper is elegant and comfortable, and the yellow or blue is soft and not dazzling, which effectively protects the eyesight

The writing is smooth and smooth, recording every detail, easy to tear without leaving glue, and the back is made of self-adhesive glue, which can be easily pasted on notebooks, books and desks and other items, and can be re-torn and re-pasted

A variety of color sticky notes, a variety of styles, you can choose as you like, easy to distinguish different content and notes

The plastic shell is light and compact, the size of a mobile phone, which is easy to carry and easy to travel without stress

Times Gift supports a variety of specifications of customized note stickers, note books can be customized size, shape, number of sheets, thickness, etc., we sincerely provide you with the best quality service!