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One in three USB retractable data cables

Material: ABS wire box + TPE wire body
Size : 52×26
Packing: OPP bag/box

產品編號 EL3063 Category


Unique macaron shape multi-functional data cable, creative Apple Type-C Android 3-in-1, first-line three-in-one. The front-line is in hand at home, travel and office is feasible, and the automatic telescopic storage is easy to carry without entanglement or knotting, and it completely bids farewell to the troubles of traditional data cable entanglement, difficult to carry, slow charging, and single function.
& Details &
1. Pure copper core, faster and more professional than conventional data cables;
2. Five gears, from 20cm to 100cm, each jam is a length during the stretching process;
3. Aluminum alloy plug, flat and soft TPE jacket, strong and durable;
4. Imitation hand-style groove design, fingers flick, you can easily take out the plug.