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Outdoor bass portable bluetooth speaker

Size: 138*50*86mm
Color: Pink, Blue, Black, Silver Gray, Orange, Green

產品編號 EL4002 Category

Rich functions, with FM radio function, it is not only a tool for listening to songs, but also a medium for listening to the sounds of life, adding fun to life

Dual Bluetooth 5.0 low latency and no jamming, upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 technology, CD high-quality Bluetooth transmission with strong noise immunity, high stability connection, free listening

Bluetooth audio with strong compatibility, support a variety of ways to play, Bluetooth, TF card, USB playback are readily available

One-click free voice call, built-in microphone, clear and bright voice;

The DSP audio processor feels lossless and fidelity music, and uses a high-cost audio processor to actively determine the frequency of the audio source signal and automatically set fine crossover points, expanding the frequency response range of the system, and realizing the natural and clear mid-frequency of low-frequency depth and high-frequency detailed surround sound

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