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Outdoor lightweight backpack

Color: Black, dark blue, rose red, beige gold, silver white
Size: 21cm*38cm*10cm

產品編號 RB4011 Category

Travel light, enjoy the freedom and start your adventure with our outdoor lightweight backpacks!

– Durable, water-repellent fabric: The thick fabric resists small scratches and will keep you in any environment. At the same time, the waterproof and moisture-resistant characteristics allow the backpack to stay dry during the rainy season, so you can travel all year round.
– Lightweight and weightless: Our backpacks are designed to be lightweight, so no matter how long you carry them, you won’t be burdened.
– Large capacity: The backpack has enough capacity to easily store all kinds of things, and you don’t have to worry about running out of things anymore.
– “S” Fit Back: The backpack is ergonomically designed to conform to the curve of the back, evenly distributing weight and reducing pressure. At the same time, the breathable design also prevents slanted shoulders, so you can feel comfortable when carrying it for long periods of time.
– Portable and carriable: The backpack is designed to be flexible and can be carried on both shoulders or carried by the handle, so you can meet your different style matching needs.

An outdoor lightweight backpack is more than just a practical piece of outdoor gear, it’s a fashion item that shows off your personality. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed and casual style or prefer a trendy look, there’s something for everyone.
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