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Outdoor mountaineering and hiking recreational backpack

Color: Black, Lake Blue, Royal Blue, Orange, Green
Size: 25L

產品編號 RB4009 Category

“Explore nature, release your mind, outdoor mountaineering and hiking leisure backpack set off with you!”

Whether you’re a lover of mountaineering, hiking, or recreational outdoor activities, our backpacks have you covered.
Create and polish the details with heart, and the details show the charm of the product;
– Front pocket: Convenient access to essential items such as mobile phones, wallets, etc.
– Large zippered front pockets: Hold more items for your trip.
– Elastic lanyard: Hang items like trekking poles to help you get better balance.
– Kettle side pockets: convenient for storing essential items such as mineral water and folding umbrellas.
– Made with water-repellent Oxford fabric: Protects your valuables from light raw water.
– Adjustable shoulder straps: Find the most comfortable fit and feature subtle sliders and buckles to lock your backpack securely.
– Load-relieving netting: Long hiking sessions won’t weigh you down, so you can enjoy the outdoors with ease.
– Large Interior: The spacious interior can accommodate all kinds of climbing equipment to meet all your needs.
– Travel light: The backpack itself is lightweight, making it easier for you to set off.
– No picky scenes: Stylish appearance, suitable for daily leisure, short trips and various outdoor activities, versatile and beautiful.

Unleash your passion, challenge yourself, choose an outdoor mountaineering and hiking leisure backpack, and make every outdoor trip an unforgettable memory!
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