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Oval aluminum alloy wireless charger

Material : Aluminum alloy
Size : 95×8
Packing: OPP/box

產品編號 EL3047 Category

When the era of wireless charging comes, it is destined that the data line will be innovated. Every time the mobile phone is charged, the data cable is plugged and unplugged, not only is the mobile phone interface a loss, the data cable is cumbersome and messy, but also not beautiful and generous, the wireless charger, the wired become wireless, direct contact can enjoy the convenience of wireless, has become one of the most popular high-tech innovative gift options.
& Details &
1. Upgrade the chip and coil to support fast and safe charging, no damage to the mobile phone battery;
2. The sensing distance is 9mm, which is as fast as charging with a mobile phone case;
3. The surface is made of acrylic panel with higher hardness, which is more shiny and has better high-temperature performance;
4. The whole process of low-temperature fast charging, can be directly touched by hand, charging does not hurt the machine, does not burn hands, prolongs the battery life;
5. Small and lightweight, easy to put in your pocket;
6. Oval design, ultra-thin volume, placed on the table like a work of art.
7. The charger is lightweight, thin and small, easy to carry, and accompanies you anywhere.
With the advent of the wireless era, we can get rid of the entanglement of wires, make charging more convenient, and make the desk more tidy. This aluminum alloy thin and light wireless charger is also suitable for custom printing LOGO or pattern on the surface, which is a good choice for employees and partners as a corporate gift or business gift.
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