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Paper fenestration pen case

Material : Paper
Dimensions : 175 x 43 x 20
Packaging : Boxed/OPP

產品編號 ST3487 Category Tag

The paper window pencil case is made of high-hardness paper, with a simple and generous shape and a simple style

The water chestnut is distinct, the corners are exquisite, the upper and lower lid is opened, the middle box is transparent, the interior is visible, and the gift list is visible

The overall simplicity and fashion, the clamshell design, easy opening and closing, stationery is not easy to scatter, and the ribbon is firmly tied to ensure that the signature pen is not easy to scatter

The high-end atmosphere of the packaging box is a good choice for gifts, which can be given to customers as business gifts, promotional gifts or event gifts, giving them a practical and fashionable gift.

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