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Pencil shape eraser glue

Material: PVC
Size: 17mm*17mm*65mm
Packing: opp bag

產品編號 ST4080 Category

The pencil shape eraser is a unique and very interesting stationery, its design imitates the shape of a pencil, bringing a touch of fun and surprise to everyday writing and drawing.

This eraser usually has the appearance of a real pencil, including details such as the pencil’s body, cap, and clip, making it look like an enlarged version of a pencil, which is very eye-catching. This unique design not only adds interest to the stationery, but also makes the rubber easier to identify and find.

In addition to the uniqueness of the exterior design, the pencil shape eraser glue is also very good in erasing effect. They are usually made of high-quality eraser material that effectively erases traces of writing instruments such as pencils and fountain pens without leaving residue or scratches on the paper, ensuring clear and neat writing.

In addition, pencil-shaped eraser glue can also be used as a decoration on a stationery box or desk, adding a touch of fun and artistic atmosphere to the desk, while also being a unique stationery collection.