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Phone holder stylus

Material : Metal
Size : 145 x 10
Packing: OPP/Box

產品編號 ST3046 Category Tag

The multi-functional mobile phone holder stylus with simple and fashionable design and metallic body will be the best companion for your life and office!

The metal texture pen body is pure and simple, comfortable to hold, smooth writing, just the right thickness, and long-term writing is not tiring

Intimate groove design, can be used as a stylus for mobile phone holders, suitable for mobile phones of different sizes, stable and not easy to fall

The top is made of soft rubber nib, and the touch screen is sensitive and smooth, so you can touch the screen at one end and write at the other

1.0mm nib, quality refill, light pen body, not bulky, good elasticity, wear-resistant and practical can write the pen edge hard, more suitable for font molding

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