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Portable Bluetooth speaker for the moon clock

Size: 204*104*73mm
Color: white, pink, black, yellow

產品編號 EL4001 Category

Lanyue Clock portable Bluetooth speaker, pay tribute to the design inspiration of vinyl’s classic aesthetics, and enjoy the moving and pleasant singing!

The classic vinyl record player and modern aesthetics are perfectly integrated to pay tribute to the golden age of music in the 20th century, awaken the mark of the times and be born for the sense of musical ritual, so that music can become your companion.

A sense of musical ritual that heals the soul, when the music is played, the vinyl disc rotates leisurely like a magical ritual to retain time

Upgrade Bluetooth 5.3 to meet 10 meters of original sound transmission, blink of an eye, high-fidelity original sound transmission to meet the needs of wireless music

Not only is it an auditory pleasure, but it is also an eye-catching piece of art for any scene, even if it is placed on the desk, it is an eye-catching work of art!

In addition, we also offer a Bluetooth speaker customization service, allowing you to design the speaker as a unique gift that matches your brand image. Whether as a corporate gift, corporate gift, event gift or business gift, we can make a one-of-a-kind Bluetooth speaker according to your needs.