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Portable wooden bluetooth speaker

Material: bamboo&plastic
Size: 80*61mm
Effective distance: 10 meters
Packing: Carton
Color: Wood white, black

產品編號 EL4015 Category Tag

The sound is colorful, the sound is extraordinary, the music is held in the palm of your hand, and you can enjoy life!

5D surround sound, outdoor playback is like a live-level concert, the speaker bass is strong and powerful, and the penetration is enough to shock the soul

Selected advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chips, fully upgraded performance, fast links, music can be enjoyed at any time

The braided handrope design is firm and durable, easy to pick up, delicate and durable, and let the music go along

Support TWS two interconnection, experience a new realm of listening, and enjoy a new way to play wireless stereo

Colorful LED light show, dream sound and light show, with the rhythm of music, give you a different music experience

In addition, Times Gifts can also customize customer logos according to your needs, so that this Bluetooth speaker can become your unique souvenir or event gift. It is suitable for use on various occasions, and is suitable for promotional gifts, event gifts, corporate gifts, and corporate gifts to customers, giving customers an extraordinary gift-giving experience.

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