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PP handle bone mass advertising fan

Material: PP
Size: Customized size is available
Packing: OPP bag

產品編號 FA4073 Category

PP Handle Advertising Bone Fan is a unique gift product with a variety of customization options, suitable for both personal gifts and corporate gifts. The product can be customized in different sizes, and has the ability to print custom graphics on both sides, so that your design and promotional content can be vividly displayed. Whether it’s a promotional event, corporate promotion or Hong Kong special gifts, the PP handle advertising bone fan can meet your needs. With gift customization, you can provide your customers or employees with unique and practical gifts, while effectively presenting your corporate image and promotional messages.

Whether you need a personal gift or a corporate gift, PP handle advertising bone fan is an ideal choice. Its flexible customization options and high-quality printing results make it an ideal gift for promotion and publicity.