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PP transparent ID card holder

Color: White, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Black, Red
Size: Vertical 70*111mm
Width: 78*101mm
Material: PP+ smooth yarn polyester

產品編號 ST3550 Category Tag


Times Gifts provides customized PP transparent ID card holder, which is a fashionable and practical gift, suitable for customized gifts, business gift recommendations, promotional gifts and Hong Kong gift customization options. Crafted from high-quality PP material, this creative gift is transparent and can clearly display the document while providing protection against scratches or bending.
This PP transparent ID card holder has a simple design, exquisite appearance and delicate texture. It has a transparent window that facilitates the sorting and identification of different documents, while providing protection against scratches or bending, providing convenience and protection for users.

Recommended as a business gift, this creative PP transparent ID card holder can show the professionalism and taste of the enterprise, while providing practicality, allowing users to be more convenient and elegant in business occasions. As a promotional gift, it can print company logos, slogans, etc., to increase brand exposure and attract attention. As a Hong Kong gift order, we can customize it according to the needs and requirements of our customers to meet different gift needs.

If you are looking for corporate gifts, please contact Times Gifts, we will provide the best quality gift customization service to meet your needs.