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PVC laser colorful shopping tote bag

Material: PVC

產品編號 RB3065 Category


The new material PVC is selected, the material is firm and thick, and the special process is laminated and superimposed to form a dazzling gradient laser luster, which can present different colors in different light backgrounds;
The hand-held forking process increases the load-bearing capacity and makes it more durable and durable, and the high-temperature hot stitching process makes the product more firm, durable and beautiful.
Waterproof and colorful PVC bag, fashionable and avant-garde, transparent color
Pleasing to the eye and stylish, witness wonderful moments
Tight stitching and smooth zippers

[More than just beauty, more connotation]
You can pack gifts, souvenirs, greeting cards, dolls, rabbits, flowers, bags, and so on
Support personalized customization, create your own fashion bag, show personal taste;

[A delicate style]

Different collocations, as delicate and romantic as a girl’s mind

Applicable occasions: Hong Kong gifts, business gifts, event gifts, promotional gifts, the latest promotional gifts, etc