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Rectangular wooden strip keychain

Material: beech
Size: 6.5cm*1cm*1cm
Packing: OPP bag

產品編號 PG4020 Category


A rectangular wooden strip keychain is a unique and sophisticated gift option, especially suitable as a corporate gift or a Hong Kong specialty. Each keychain is made of high-quality wood and has been carefully sanded and treated to reveal the natural wood grain and texture.

Whether it’s a personal gift or a corporate gift, this wooden keychain has you covered. You can customize the print or lettering according to a specific theme or event to reflect your corporate identity or individual needs. Combining practicality and unique design, this keychain is a popular gift choice.

With gift customization, you can provide your customers or employees with eco-friendly gifts, while effectively demonstrating that you care for them. A rectangular wooden keychain will make a unique and practical gift that shows your care and care for the recipient