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Rotary switch business metal ballpoint pen

Material : Metal
Size : 132 x 12
Packaging : OPP

產品編號 ST3217 Category

Good quality is internal, good appearance is external, good packaging is the village, both internal and external repair is a good fountain pen!

Choosing a high-quality fountain pen is not only a high-quality stationery gift, but also a symbol of your professional charm and successful attitude, making business negotiations smoother. Whether it’s for a business partner, a client or as an employee benefit, a premium fountain pen gift box set is the perfect gift choice.

& Details &

1. The pen body is made of metal aluminum, comfortable to hold, light and tough, anti-drop and impact-resistant, and not easy to break

2. The surface piano paint process, strong adhesion, texture luster, long-term use of the paint will not be off;

3. Fashionable bullet pen tip design, resistant to fall and not easy to damage;

4. Convenient pen clip, convenient for office and out-of-town carrying, stable clamping, not easy to fall;

5. General specifications can be replaced with refills, recycling, simple and fast;

6. High-quality ink, not easy to appear ink agglomeration. Crystallization and other phenomena, the handwriting will not appear intermittent, different shades and thicknesses, etc., and the feel is smooth and smooth.