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Semi-circular creative advertising cups

Material: Tritan
Dimensions: 60 x 78 x 185
Packing: Boxed

產品編號 BT3052 Category


Semi-circular cup design creative advertising cup, fit in the palm of the hand, comfortable feel, using European and American infant products designated materials, FDA certification, BPA-free toughness and non-deformation, glass-like crystal clear, even if frequent and clear are still shiny as new, durable and not easy to scratch, baby bottle material will be more assured to use!
& Details &
1. Leak-proof cup lid, built-in sealing rubber ring, rounded spiral cup mouth, to prevent spillage and no water overflow;
2. The mouth of the large-caliber cup is delicate and smooth, easy to pour into various drinks, easy to clean, and the lip feeling is excellent;
3. Hidden food-grade silicone handle, non-toxic, tasteless, soft feel, strong and not easy to break.