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Simple color glazed ceramic mug

Material: Ceramic

產品編號 BT3158 Category

Simple color glazed ceramic mug is a beautiful ceramic mug, its design is simple and beautiful, people can be attracted by its beauty at a glance. The cups are made of high-quality ceramic materials, which are very durable and can accompany you for a long time in daily use. The inner and outer walls of the cup are glazed with a unique color glaze process, and the colors are bright and bright, making it impossible to resist its charm. The shape is even more carefully crafted, and the wide mouth design is convenient for drinking, and makes the atmosphere of the whole cup more intimate and comfortable. The ceramic material is not only easy to clean, but also easy to maintain the original taste of coffee or tea, so you can enjoy delicious drinks better. The simple color glazed ceramic mug is a beautiful, generous, high-quality and practical mug that is suitable for daily use, and can also be used as a personalized gift to meet the needs and preferences of different people.