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Small mecha mini bluetooth speaker

Size: 101*47*61mm
Color: Black, Green, Orange, Purple

產品編號 EL4003 Category

The small mecha mini bluetooth speaker adopts a fully transparent and high-transparency PC shell, and the internal precision components are clearly visible, giving you a different experience of science and technology

High-end audio processor, feel lossless fidelity music, using high-cost audio processor, actively determine the frequency of the sound source signal and automatically set fine frequency crossover points, expand the frequency response range of the system, and realize the natural and clear mid-frequency depth of low-frequency and high-frequency surround sound with rich details

Bluetooth 5.0 chip transmission is stable and efficient, with stable signal reception ability, lower latency, strong anti-interference, and lower power consumption

Dynamic LED lighting + long-lasting battery life, external cool atmosphere lights, built-in large-capacity power battery, while having a trendy appearance, but also fully guarantee the stable output of volume and sound quality.

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