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Smart Bluetooth wireless headphones

Material: Metal + PC
Size : 14.2×4.5
Packing: OPP bag/box

產品編號 EL3033 Category


Bluetooth 5.0 semi-inserted earphone, 150 hours long standby. Portable charging case, built-in 650 mAh polymer battery, charging case can charge the left and right earphones about 6 times at the same time.

& Details &

1. Semi-ear technology: ergonomic design, no pinna or swollen ears, clever support and decompression;

2. Bluetooth 5.0 chip: using low-power Bluetooth 5.0 chip, about 15 meters transmission distance, more stable connection signal and faster transmission with mobile devices;

3. Intelligent pairing: pick up the earbuds to automatically turn on, automatically Bluetooth pairing, automatically disconnect the Bluetooth earphones and charge them by yourself;

4. Intelligent noise reduction: support binaural call, sound data is transmitted by both ears, three-dimensional and clear call, with call noise reduction technology, reduce noise, and every communication is as intimate as face-to-face;

5. Delicate sound quality: enjoy the sound quality, no delay in sound, powerful transmission power, achieve 0 delay sound synchronization, and restore rich sound details, presenting you with better sound;

6. Rainproof and sweatproof: IPX4 level sweatproof, whether it is sweaty sports or light rain, it can bring you a normal listening experience;

7. High-quality materials: using piano paint + vacuum electroplating + water transfer printing process, this headset has different styles and tastes, creating the uniqueness of the earphone color.

& Tips &

Try not to use it for a long time. Because Bluetooth headsets are mostly in-ear, earbuds are plugged in the ear canal, the eardrum and the earphone speaker diaphragm are very close, and the earphone sound stimulates the auditory nerve of the eardrum relatively largely.