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Sports kettle large space cup

Material : Plastic Tritan
Size : 74 x 230

產品編號 BT3115 Category

The sports kettle large space cup, sports with you, drink water freely, the design is lightweight and portable, it is the best choice for your exercise

Rigorously tested plastic material, hot water drinking odorless, low temperature is not fragile, can withstand high temperature 100 °C to low temperature -20 °C

The rounded small mouth design makes the water evenly safe and choking-proof, and the drinking water is smoother!

The tight mouth of the cup is strictly guarded against inversion and does not leak, so that you can exercise without restraint

Easy to pick up, easy to carry, anti-scald portable hand to carry easy to carry sports with you

The sports kettle large space cup is very suitable for printing the logo and company brand on the body of the cup as a business gift, event gift, corporate giveaway or promotional gift. Times Gifts also offers other custom-made options, such as lettering or stickers, to add to the uniqueness of the mug. These custom-made designs can make the gift more personalized and make the recipient feel cared for and cared for.
Times Gift is committed to providing you with high-quality customized portable thermos mugs, both in terms of design and experience, which have been carefully crafted.