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Square acrylic wireless charger

Material : Acrylic
Size : 100x100x9.5
Packing: OPP/box

產品編號 EL3049 Category


Modern people’s mobile phones, smart watches, tablets and other electronic devices are more and more, if the charging interface is inconsistent, you need to prepare different charging cables, if you can charge wirelessly, you can save these troubles; wireless charger is ready to use, say goodbye to cumbersome, 360 degrees of arbitrary angle rotation, make life more convenient, so that your mobile phone does not need to connect to the data cable, travel in the wireless world, can be charged without cables, avoid the trouble caused by cables, easy charging, business, travel essential.
& Details &
1. Precision design, after multiple processes processing, using sub-acrylic plate, solid and lacking fashionable appearance;
2. Curved edge technology, transparent and thin, smooth and soft lines, like crystal;
3. Lightweight and compact, easy to carry, compatible with all Qi standard receivers, ready to charge;
4. Silicone non-slip mat at the bottom, safe and intimate;
5. Transparent body, glows softly when charging.