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Square portable Bluetooth speaker

Size: 125*60*100mm
Color: Black

產品編號 EL4000 Category

Square portable Bluetooth speaker, small and portable to enjoy, distortion is not more than one percent, high quality and high requirements to restore the ultimate music

Dual Bluetooth 5.0 low latency and no jamming, upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 technology, CD high-quality Bluetooth transmission with strong noise immunity, high stability connection, free listening

TWS wireless series, two speakers are played in series wirelessly, 360-degree 6D stereo surround restoration of the scene, and enjoy the shocking sound effect of the theater

Good speakers have good music, using a bass large diaphragm, and the combination of the two creates a three-dimensional and shocking bass

The lanyard design makes it easier to hold by hand, and the soft lanyard design makes it easy to hold and not easy to fall off, whether you are out for a walk or running

In addition, we also offer a Bluetooth speaker customization service, allowing you to design the speaker as a unique gift that matches your brand image. Whether as a corporate gift, corporate gift, event gift or business gift, we can make a one-of-a-kind Bluetooth speaker according to your needs.