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Square wireless bluetooth speaker

Size: 283mm*228mm*271mm
Color: Blue, Black, Yellow, Orange, Green, Gray

產品編號 EL4018 Category

Times Gift recommends this proud square wireless Bluetooth speaker for you, with dual microphones, double chorus in seconds, and reverberation, which turns the audience upside down. Sing your mobile KTV at any time and adapt to an immersive experience in a variety of music environments.

1. LED rhythm light is more enjoyable to listen to songs, rhythm LED lights are matched with songs, and listening to songs is fun and more enjoyable
2. Three big speakers, shocking bass, three sound effects can be switched freely, and the broadcast range is wide, even if it is outdoors, it is your personal stage
3. TWS interconnection technology, using Bluetooth connection, can connect two speakers in series to make the music performance more three-dimensional
4. The two ways to carry it are no longer a burden, you can pick it up casually, and you can easily free your hands to enjoy the fun with no restraint music
5. Equipped with a convenient bracket to change the square artifact in seconds, and its own bracket supports the demeanor of the audience
6.12500 mAh large capacity to help you turn over non-stop, upgrade battery capacity, strong power storage capacity, can last 8 hours of listening
7. Upgrade Bluetooth 5.0 chip, stable HIFI-level audio processing, high-performance audio amplifier Bluetooth automatic reconnection within 10 meters

It contains a variety of ways to play, waiting for you to explore, whether it is outdoor sports playback, personal music enjoyment, or karaoke interaction with friends, this square wireless Bluetooth speaker can meet your needs. It is also suitable for promotional gifts, event gifts, corporate gifts, and corporate gifts to customers, giving customers an extraordinary gift-giving experience.

Not only the appearance is high, but also a walking work of art, which can be customized on the surface of the speaker to achieve the best publicity effect. Times Gifts also provides Bluetooth speaker customization services, allowing you to design the speaker as a unique gift that matches your brand image.