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Stainless steel bouncing mug

Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 65 x 190
Packing: Boxed/OPP

產品編號 BT3032 Category

The thermos mug is an indispensable daily item in modern life, and the stainless steel bouncing thermos mug of the era gift is definitely your best choice!
The use of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel material not only has excellent thermal insulation effect, but also ensures the durability of the cup and enjoys a warm drink for a long time.

One-button lid opening, convenient one-handed operation, and the direct drink cup mouth design allows you to enjoy the drink easily without worrying about the trouble of pouring down. The cup has a high seal, inverted without leakage, can be carried with confidence, and the bottom design of the cup can better protect the cup and increase its durability.

It has a safety lock function to effectively prevent accidental touch, and the cup is sealed and leak-proof, strong and drop-resistant, so that you can feel more at ease during use.
Whether it’s in the office, school, travel or sports, the stainless steel bouncing thermos mug can be your best companion. Choose quality, choose beauty, choose stainless steel bouncing mug!
Putting hot water at a temperature of 60°C or higher may cause the air pressure in the cup to be too high!
Hot air or hot water sprays out at the moment of opening the lid, please pay attention to safe use!

The thermos cup is not only a practical daily necessities, but also a carrier of corporate publicity!!
Times Gift is a professional Hong Kong gift customization company, providing various types of customized services, including thermos mugs, advertising mugs, mugs, water bottle customization, etc.;
As a benefit for activities and corporate promotional gifts, customized thermos mugs can effectively convey your brand image and concept, so that the publicity effect is twice the result with half the effort.
Choose the customized gifts of the times, so that the corporate image is more eye-catching, so that the company’s publicity is more powerful.