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Stereo subwoofer Bluetooth speaker

Color: Black

Small size, surging sound field, independent bass mode is portable subwoofer Bluetooth, a variety of modes can be played, support card, USB, mobile phone audio and other modes

The 15W full-range speaker does not break the sound at large volume, and the full-range 15W internal magnetic speaker is used to make the sound meticulous, the real loud volume does not break the sound, and the treble does not go out of tune, and the bass has penetration!

The heart is far away, rain and rain, easy to accompany you to travel, just because the whole body adopts IP7 waterproof design, outdoor riding or beach party, easy to deal with wind and rain

One key to switch between two sound effects, one key to switch between two music modes, press the bright indoor bass mode, press the out outdoor thorough mode to meet the listening needs of different scenes

Long-lasting battery life as you like, built-in long-lasting battery 2500mAh, continuous playback time of more than 6 hours, mountaineering, hiking, music non-stop

Small and round size, portable lanyard design, easy and portable, can be hung on the handlebar, on the back of the school bag, listen to it with you, and be a traveler with your own music

It contains a variety of ways to play, waiting for you to explore, whether it is outdoor sports playback, personal music enjoyment, or karaoke interaction with friends, this square wireless Bluetooth speaker can meet your needs. It is also suitable for promotional gifts, event gifts, corporate gifts, and corporate gifts to customers, giving customers an extraordinary gift-giving experience.
Not only the appearance is high, but also a walking work of art, which can be customized on the surface of the speaker to achieve the best publicity effect. Times Gifts also provides Bluetooth speaker customization services, allowing you to design the speaker as a unique gift that matches your brand image.