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Tear-off kraft notepad

Size: 70*139mm
Material: Paper
Number of sheets: 50

產品編號 ST3533 Category 標籤 ,

Eye-friendly beige paper, long-term writing does not hurt the eyes, wet water is not easy to break, smooth and does not bleed, so that your writing is smoother. At the same time, we focus on professional quality, and every page is an unparalleled experience.

Easy to tear, no degumming, no page dropping, tearing paper without leaving residual pages.

Small and portable, put it in your bag, do not take up space or weight, and record anytime, anywhere

Neat horizontal lines, each line is separated, and the paragraphs are neat, which looks more pleasing to the eye;

Tear-off kraft notepads combine style and practicality, making them an ideal gift choice. This notepad is made of high-quality kraft paper material, which is delicate and durable. Each page can be easily torn off to keep track of important matters, inspirations, and goals. We offer notepads in a variety of sizes and designs, and you can choose the right design according to your brand image and needs.

As a corporate gift, a tear-off kraft notepad is a practical and popular choice. Whether it’s taking notes on important matters in meetings, taking notes at your desk, or taking notes on inspiration and goals in your daily life, this notepad is an indispensable tool. Times Gifts is committed to providing personalized gift customization services to provide you with unique and high-quality gift options. Whether you’re looking to offer gifts to your company’s employees, business partners, or customers, we’ve got you covered.