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Tie up the mobile phone anti-theft back mount

Material: ABS+metal
Size : 75 x 24
Packaging : OPP

產品編號 EL3054 Category
This strap bracket is suitable for any model of mobile phone, which can help to fix the mobile phone more easily when listening to music and watching videos, and can operate various functions with one hand, convenient for entering text, or playing games, or watching movies, so that your mobile phone can show more personality while preventing it from falling in your hand!
& Details &
1. Produced by new adhesive technology, tear off the adhesive protective film and stick it ready to use;
2. All kinds of mobile phone and digital strap holders, foldable, fashionable, convenient and practical;
3. Soft and does not hurt the pasting surface;
4. It can operate the mobile phone camera function with one hand;
5. It can be convenient for text input, or games, or watching movies;
6. It can effectively reduce the danger of falling and anti-theft of handheld digital products in walking, crowded places.
& Highlights &
1. Wipe the surface of the mobile phone clean (uneven surface can not be used);
2. Tear off the film in front of the mobile phone ring holder, and then stick it to the mobile phone or tablet with a flat surface, and press for 5 seconds to make the product easy to fix and fit the mobile phone.