Gift assortment

Touch-colored ballpoint pen

Packing: opp bag

Select imported refills to produce smooth ink, smooth writing, not easy to break the ink and not fly white, and the pen dries quickly

Transparent press switch, smooth pen without jamming, free retraction, high-quality spring, can still be quickly rebounded after pressing many times;

The large-angle plastic pen clip has strong clamping force and full toughness, which can be easily clamped in pockets or books, and is easy to carry

Office touch can be switched at will, soft and sensitive touch pen head, sensitive to touch, suitable for tablets and smartphones

The nib is made from high-quality bullets, and the smoothness and abrasion resistance are carefully tuned to ensure that every stroke is presented smoothly and clearly on paper.

A stylus is a unique and practical gift option. It has the characteristics of smooth and durable writing, and can also be customized with LOGO or pattern on the pen body, which is very suitable for corporate gifts, business gifts or corporate gifts, giving customers a unique gift experience.
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