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Toy backpack in the shape of an animal

Color: fluorescent green, orange, black
Size: 31*43*15cm

產品編號 RB4016 Category

Multi-functional creative animal-shaped toy backpack, unlimited creativity, hipsters out on the street!
The disassembled design allows for flexible and multi-use. It can be turned into an armbag, a leg bag, a handbag or a backpack, depending on your needs and matching!
Durable, water-repellent fabric: The thick fabric resists small scratches and will keep you in any environment. At the same time, the waterproof and moisture-resistant characteristics allow the backpack to stay dry during the rainy season, so you can travel all year round.
Fine workmanship, meticulous stitching and firm construction make the backpack more durable and beautiful.
It is not picky and stylish, suitable for daily leisure, short trips and various outdoor activities, and is versatile and good-looking.
The unique shape is more suitable as a holiday gift or event gift, and the backpack can be printed with a logo or pattern to show personality and promote the company’s image.
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