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Triangle cake shaped towel

Towel size: 20cm*20cm
Packing: Bag
Color: Red, Rose, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Green, Pink

產品編號 TW4010 Category

Realistic cake shaped towel, the perfect combination of deliciousness and practicality.
Available in a variety of colours, this sandwich cake towel is as tempting as a deliciously fluffy piece of cake. Not only that, but the unique shape of this towel also makes it a beautiful and practical decoration.

Made of microfiber material, soft and comfortable, giving you the healthiest care. At the same time, it has super water absorption ability, which can quickly absorb moisture even in a humid environment, keeping it dry and comfortable. Moreover, with a special process, it is not easy to lose hair, far away from the trouble of hair loss, and gives you a long-lasting experience.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, this cake-shaped towel will be a joy to use. Not only can it be used as a towel to wipe your body, but it can also be placed as an ornament in the bathroom or living room to add a cute and nice atmosphere.
Exquisite and cute shapes are also a must-have choice for gifts, giving a unique gift to relatives and friends, and feeling different surprises in ordinary life!