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Triangular press plastic ballpoint pen

Material: ABS
SIZE: 14.3CM*1.1CM
Package: 50/box

產品編號 ST4083 Category

The triangular push-to-action plastic ballpoint pen is a uniquely designed, practical and durable writing instrument for students, office workers, and calligraphy enthusiasts.

The barrel of this ballpoint pen is made of high-quality plastic materials, which is lightweight and sturdy for long writing use. The barrel is designed in a triangular shape for an ergonomic and comfortable grip, making it suitable for writing for long periods of time while also helping to reduce hand fatigue.

The ballpoint pen is equipped with a push-button switch for easy use, and the tip can be ejected by simply pressing the tip without additional rotation or disassembly. The nib part uses high-quality refills, which makes the writing smooth, the ink color is full, and it is not easy to fade or blur to ensure clear writing.

In addition, the appearance of the triangular press plastic ballpoint pen is fashionable and simple, and the colors are diverse to meet the preferences of different people. Not only is it an excellent writing instrument, but it is also a stylish stationery accessory that adds vibrancy and color to an office or study environment.