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Tripod selfie stick phone holder

Material: ABS+ hardware
Dimensions : 45 x 45 x 188
Packing: OPP/box

產品編號 EL3042 Category


Many people like to record the world and their own beauty on the go, so the selfie stick has become a must-have companion for travel, but using a selfie stick also has its limitations, such as using a selfie stick can usually only use the front camera of the mobile phone, the pixel accuracy is often not enough, and the selfie stick is not easy to control the photo angle, it is difficult to have a good composition of people and scenes, and most importantly, you still need to ask for help when you need to shoot a full-body scene. The new generation of tripod selfie stick integrated mobile phone holder, whether it is a trip or a gathering of friends, you can take a selfie, you can also fix the tripod freely, 360° selection, you can shoot how you want, mini and compact, easy to carry.
& Details &
1. Compact design, only 18.6cm long after folding, weighing 165g, easy to store, casual use;
2. Multi-functional use, can be used as a selfie stick, the base opens to become a tripod in seconds, whether it is taking pictures, video calls or watching videos, it is widely used;
3. Bluetooth remote control, one-key selfie, remote photography without asking for help;
4. Stable tripod, triangular fixed mechanics, more stable support;
5. Multi-device compatible, suitable for most brands of mobile phones on the market.