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Universal adapter plug for worldwide use

Material : ABS+PC
Size : 50x50x50
Packing: Box / OPP

產品編號 EL3032 Category


It integrates various standard plugs such as American, European, Australian, and British, and all electrical appliances such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and laptops can solve the charging problem.

& Details &

1. Safety shielding door: The special safety protection shielding door at the socket jack protects the safety of children and makes it safer for colleagues to use;

2. Exquisite and compact: fashionable and high-end, small size, easy to carry, take it to every region of the country;

3. Diverse functions: it can meet the needs of at least four devices at the same time, and one is enough for multiple people to travel;

4. High-quality material: the use of fireproof and flame-retardant PC material can effectively avoid the problems caused by high temperature.

& Tips &

1. This product only converts the shape of the national jack, and does not have the function of transforming;

2. The carrying power can not exceed the power range indicated on the product, and please ensure that the voltage range of your electrical appliance meets the local voltage standard before use, otherwise it will bring you potential safety hazards, please be aware;

3. For the ungrounded pins of this product, it is only used for ungrounded equipment or double-insulated equipment;

4. This product can only be used in an indoor dry environment;

5. When USB charging, the surface of the charging socket generates a slight heat, which is a normal phenomenon;

6. Please do not disassemble, modify or short-circuit the product, otherwise it will cause electric shock, fire or damage to electrical appliances.