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Wipeable document storage bag

Size: 25.5*35.5cm
Color: Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green, Big Red Orange
Material: PVC
Thickness: double layer 40 filaments

產品編號 ST3530 Category Tag

Wipeable document storage bag, rich functions, the interior has a lot of connotation

Strong storage, multi-specification optional, widely used, suitable for office, study, paper document storage, multi-specification capacity to meet daily storage needs, to accommodate the bits and pieces of life

The PVC cover has the function of waterproof and dustproof, which can protect the documents from damage, easy to access, ready to use, and still as new as new when stored for a long time

Fine workmanship, firm sewing, comfortable and soft non-woven fabric, fine sewing technology, thickened material, easy to replace and reuse, environmental protection and energy saving, environmentally friendly, high-quality material, clear transparency, not easy to deform, clean surface

Transparent and simple appearance, fashionable and simple, it is a good choice for gifts, which can be given to customers as business gifts, promotional gifts or event gifts, and give them a practical and fashionable gift.

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