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Wooden calendar ornament to store pen holder

Size: 17*9.7*7.3cm
Material: beech/maple/walnut

Wooden calendar ornaments storage pen holder, a pen holder that will not expire, comes with a perpetual calendar, so that you can live and work at the same time

Made with pure natural wood materials, it is handmade, and everywhere no longer reveals the atmosphere of simplicity

Born for desktop storage, tidying up the desktop is also tidying up the mood, and a good mood starts from a tidy desktop

Simple and easy to adjust, adjust the desired date, toggle the month round plate, and then move the day of the week box

The magnetic design is easy to load and unload, and the adjustment time is a breeze

Comfortable and practical, meet all kinds of storage requirements, don’t worry about running out of things

Its creative design and versatility make it a popular gift choice. As a corporate gift, this gift can play an important role in the office, school or home. At the same time, the company logo or slogan is engraved on the pen case, which can greatly improve the brand exposure. Times Gifts is a professional gift customization company, committed to providing unique and practical gift options.
If you are interested in creative wooden calendar organizers, please contact Times Gift, we are happy to provide you with the best quality customized service.